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Last Updated: Feb 27, 2017

5.00 (moderate) This anime was disappointing for me in how it was made; with the lack of exploring the 7 Ghost legend and background stories for characters like Castor and Labrador in how they became friends with Frau, plus how Haruse and Kuroyuri developed their close bond. I felt the anime was too focused on Teito, he was annoying protagonist and didn't really invest in him. I was more invested in Frau and would've liked the anime better if he was the main protagonist. Hakuren was a pretty good and interesting character, I was invested in him as well. The three Sisters and the mermaid girl at the church feel like they're just there to give the series some female characters and the anime didn't do anything to give them a story to develop them. I also disliked Ayanami, he turned out to be a one-dimensional antagonist for me.

3x3 Eyes

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2016

7.00 (above average) Of what was made into anime format for 3x3 Eyes was a fun watch and Yakumo Fujii and Pai make an cute pair and I loved their romance, this was also one of the best adventure stories I've seen in a series ever, especially with the gripping story and incredible action scenes with twists and turns in the plot. From continuing to see the series through the manga, the only complaint I have is the overpowered villains Benares and Kaiyanwang, the former needed to have some sort of weakness.

801 T.T.S. Airbats

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016

6.00 (average) Although this is pretty much an average anime from the get-go, it does have its funny moments such as Norio Wakamoto's performance was quite hilarious including parodying his character from Gunbuster in one episode when he's training the MC Isurugi for a ramen eating contest and even the MC's collection of anime-related merchandise acting as Easter eggs, such as his Evangelion poster in a background shot for example. The OP song is pretty good and nice to listen to at the beginning of each episode. If you like light-hearted 90's fare, then this anime is worth a watch if you want to get in a laugh or two, but just stick to the Japanese dub, it would've been nice if this had been dubbed by ADV's IS&M studio.

86: Eighty-Six

Seen: partially

Last Updated: May 28, 2021

8.00 (good)

91 Days

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017

6.00 (average) I would've rated this a bit higher if the ending didn't fall flat and Angelo didn't really impress me all that much as the MC. The deuteragonist Nero was an amazing character and was by far the best of the series. Fango was a fun character with his vivacious personality and had colorful charms. I was disappointed that the special episode that was released recently was just random stories (they would've served better as mini specials) and not an epilogue to the series to give it better closure. The OP & ED songs were rather bland, I felt it could've used Yoko Kanno's touch as I feel her music would've been an amazing fit for this anime.

After War Gundam X

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2014

8.00 (good) One of my favorite Gundam AU's alongside Gundam Wing that I loved and enjoyed, from the story to the well told and well executed romance between Garrod and Tiffa, the best Gundam couple ever IMHO. It's a shame that this great title is underrated and underappreciated and far better than that overrated Gundam SEED. There could've been a couple of episodes dedicated to how Jamil's group was formed in order to know those characters better and the connection between Jamil and Lancerow in how their rivlary was forged in the past war. Another flaw was that the Frost brothers aren't good antagonists, they seem rather one-dimensional.

Agent Aika

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Last Updated: May 27, 2015

8.00 (good) The first four episodes of the original OVA are really good and it had an exciting and alluring plot and the last three remind me of stuff from Cutey Honey in a way with Aika fighting against the all-female Delmo group akin to how Honey fights against mainly female adversaries. However, having Rei Sakuma as the sexy Aika Sumeragi and the late Kaneto Shiozawa as the seductive villain Rudolf Hargen give the OVA some bonus points. It was a pretty good 90's ecchi series overall. The first Aika anime is how an ecchi anime can be good without dumb school settings and situations involved and it is one with a plot. I'm kind of glad Rei Sakuma didn't reprise her role for the prequel OVA's because it would've been a waste of her talent as they were pretty bad, so my score will only reflect towards the original. The plots in the prequel OVA's were rather lame and didn't do Aika's character justice, I didn't like how they showed her younger self as Rion-esque, what they did with Gust is even worse. It would've been better if they showed younger Aika as a kuudere-type, developed her background more as a Salvager, with mature settings (like how Triage X is) to compliment the atmosphere of the original OVA.

Ai no Kusabi

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2013

9.00 (very good) Three words...HOT-YAOI-ACTION!!! In all seriousness, the only anime adaptation I acknowledge is the original 1992 OVA with Toshihiko Seki and Kaneto Shiozawa as the leads, the two brought passion into the characters of Iason and Riki. The original should've been the one that was licensed, not the remake. The animation of the original still holds up well even by today's standards, IMHO.

Ai Tenchi Muyo!

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2016

7.00 (above average) Pretty good, I like how it has a story to it despite its' length for each episode as most formatted like this tend to have random stuff going on that feel episodic, but I don't like the recaps and are skippable. Still, I think this would be more enjoyable as a 12-episode series with the standard episode format. The new character of Momo is really cute and I like her character very much, she's a lot better than Tokyo's Sakuya and I like that Momo's bond with Tenchi is at a platonic level rather than forcing a romance between them. At first I wasn't going to see this series if it didn't have the original Tenchi girls in it, but was glad that they were going to appear and voiced by their original seiyuu with the exception of Ayeka's original seiyuu now voiced by Haruhi (Terada) Nanao who is doing a great job with the role since taking over from Yumi Takada. So with that, I decided to watch it and the original seiyuu still shine in their respective roles after all these years. A shame that Sailor Moon Crystal didn't do the same with having as much of the seiyuu of the original anime series return. Overall this was an enjoyable series to watch, I hope that it inspires more Tenchi anime to be made. When it comes to harem shows, Tenchi is the best.


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Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016

8.00 (good) A deep and touching series that wrought emotions from me, I loved the TV series adaptation of the visual novel. By the time the finale of the came around, my feels were rather spent from crying at both the end of Minagi's route in the scene with her and Michiru on the rooftop and the tragic fate of Kannabi-no-Mikoto. Both Minagi and Kanna are my favorite heroines of this series as I found their stories the most heartrending and as for the characters themselves in their personality traits; I loved Minagi's gentle warmth, kindness, and how multi-faceted she is and with Kanna, I found her fiery nature rather quirky and is also quite charming when she shows her sweet side. As for the film, the film strays off from the VN so it's best to watch the TV series before the movie, but it gets a plus for showing Yukito x Misuzu and Ryuuya x Kanna romance goodness.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2015

8.00 (good) Story wise, it cut way too much from the original manga, and could've been at least a movie trilogy, but visually I was impressed. Akira is truly a landmark film from all the work and money that went into making the movie. The 2001 Pioneer dub is just as enjoyable as the original Japanese version, so if you love dubs then the 2001 version is the one to go for and not that god-awful Streamline version. I'd say hold onto your Pioneer Special Edition DVD set if you still have it for the plethora of extra features that the FUNimation release left out, such as the Akira Production Report. This is also an anime I consider an essential title to see, so I do recommend Akira for the general audience to see as Akira is a noteworthy classic.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2013

3.00 (poor) This series would've been better if Sora wasn't some rip-off look-alike of Pico of Boku no Pico, it's like they took the character of Pico and made him into a different character and made him into a sis-con with a big breasts fetish. The other thing I hated about it was how Nami and Kana's characters developed in the second OVA, it would've been better to have made them into a full yuri couple, they look like they would make a hot couple. All this series had going for it is the pretty art and I would've liked to have seen the mother find out about Aki and Sora's relationship. Anyone who has seen the 80's hentai OVA series, Cream Lemon with the Ami Nonomura series would understand, considering the fallout of Ami's relationship with her mother after she caught Ami and her brother in the act, and how isolated Ami became from her family.

Akito the Exiled

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Last Updated: Apr 02, 2018

9.00 (very good) I really loved this spinoff movie series from the Code Geass universe, it has a truly engaging story and interesting characters. I am more invested in the characters in this series than those in the original show because I feel that there is strong bond the leads Akito and Leila have with those they're close to and with each other as a couple.The character development was fantastic among the majority of the principal characters of the series. I felt that Akito's older brother Shin was a well-written antagonist and had depth to his character; though outwardly he showed a cruel and unhinged persona, inside he had feelings for those he cared for like Jean; the girl who loved him. This series also has a theme of its' own outside of the original and I enjoy the aesthetic of series set in Europe. The grand scale of the project was impressive with the direction by Escaflowne's Kazuki Akane, music by RahXephon's Ichiko Hashimoto, the all-star cast of great seiyuu performances, the beautiful movie quality animation, and overall being truly enjoyable and entertaining to watch.

Aldnoah Zero

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2015

4.00 (below average) Urobuchi is bad at crafting a SF series that it isn't worthy of being a space opera especially with so many characters getting so little development other than the mains and the plot development being haphazard. SF legends like Yoshiyuki Tomino and Ryosuke Takahashi would shake their heads in disbelief at such a poor effort. Stuff like Layzner and Turn A Gundam are far better than this. Both Slaine and Inaho were not great characters with Slaine being a walking contradiction and Inaho having a bland personality. The songs of this series were really good and loved the ones by Kalafina and Eir Aoi, it's the only thing I liked about this series.

Angel Beats!

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jul 07, 2016

6.00 (average) The only things I liked about this series was Yuri Nakamura and Iwasawa, the latter had too little a role and I felt she should've been around longer than she was. Yuri is the best heroine of this series because I like her witty charm and her natural leadership qualities. She also has a fun personality and would be great to have as a friend with her outgoing nature. I was disappointed that Yuri wasn't paired with Otonashi, I felt they had better chemistry. I also don't see what's so great about Kanade Tachibana, I felt she was a rather bland character and didn't have anything compelling about her. Now that a VN is made for this series, I think an anime remake would be nice to see happen...just as long as it ends with Otonashi x Yuri as a couple.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2017

8.00 (good) Quite a charming and heartwarming series and I like the friendship story it has surrounding the main characters and certain parts pang at your heart, especially during the tense scenes. Naruko is my favorite character of the bunch, she's quite interesting and has a gorgeous character design. The ED song is really good and the trio of seiyuu who voice the main girls of the series did a great job with it and the song brings tears to your eyes. Overall, I'd say it deserves it's popularity and I love the Easter eggs peppered into the series itself, like at the store Naruko works at with posters of shows like Working!! and others shown. I watched the follow-up movie and I wish it gave more on Anaru (Naruko) and Tsuruko (Chiriko) being able to truly express their feelings to the ones they love to give better closure to the series.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2012

8.00 (good) A pretty good horror series from what I've seen so far, I like the mysterious elements added to the series that add to the suspense. The one by one killing of characters keeps things surprising and leaves you wondering who will die next. The ending of the show completely surprised me and the massacre near the end was a great way to make the show go off with a bang. However the songs of the series are rather dull to listen to and not that impressive and the female lead Mei Misaki was just another Rei Ayanami expy character archetype though that is until I saw the OVA and my opinion of her changed and I felt so sorry for her losing her beloved sister, the secondary female lead Izumi Akazawa was also an interesting character.

Armitage III

Seen: completely; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Oct 02, 2017

8.00 (good) Amazing OVA series, I like how it goes into what a cybernetic being such as Armitage herself asking the question "If they (humans) hate us so much, then why did they create us?!", it's a pretty powerful statement and shows the depths of her character and shows that she is more than a machine. I love how she has a fiery, interesting personality and the relationship she has with Ross is a special one that I love as well. I enjoyed Hiroko Kasahara's performance as the title character from the original OVA; from someone who usually does characters with a gentle persona such as Kasahara, she did a great job in performing a more hardcore character. I wish Kasahara was a more prolific seiyuu, she's certainly one of the better ones as she has great range and possesses a fine acting and singing talent. A shame that Kasahara didn't reprise the role for the sequel movie, but Ryoka Yuzuki did well with the role as she voiced the role as close to Kasahara's Armitage. I preferred the gritty feel of the original OVA as it was done by cel animation. The antagonist of the sequel movie wasn't as memorable as D'anclaude of the original OVA, I really enjoyed Ryuusei Nakao's performance as D'anclaude and he does great in playing villain roles. What I did like about the sequel movie is the family relationship shared between Armitage, Sylibius, and their daughter Yoko and the couple's determination to always protect Yoko.

Ayashi no Ceres

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2015

9.00 (very good) Beautifully done series and my favorite Yuu Watase series. I loved the beautiful opening song sung by Junko Iwao, a favorite seiyuu of mine.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017

5.00 (moderate) I have to admit that I'm not fond of this series, I couldn't invest in any of the characters and didn't like how the episodes of the TV series was formatted with going back and forth between story arcs. A similar type of series where you get different flavors of outlaw characters you can invest in and action packed story arcs with a great blend of dark comedy and drama that's much better is Black Lagoon.

Bakuretsu Hunters

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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2013

8.00 (good) Quite a fun fanservice show I enjoyed very much with two great female leads in the sexy red-head Chocolate Misu (the sexiest red-head in anime IMHO) and Tira Misu who is sugar and spice and everything nice. It's a shame this series is underrated and I feel there should be a reboot of this series to show what an excellent ecchi anime should be like...outside of those stupid, cliche high school settings. Bakuretsu Hunters has everything that makes it very enjoyable; a fun cast of characters, good storyline, beautiful art, a great antagonist in Zaha Torte, top-notch cast of seiyuu such as Megumi Hayashibara and Yuko Mizutani, wonderful music score and songs, and a truly fantastic piece of anime set in a fantasy setting. So I truly recommend Bakuretsu Hunters to those seeking to see an ecchi show outside of those dumb high-school set shows.

Banner of the Stars

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Last Updated: Jun 13, 2012

8.00 (good) Quite an entertaining sci-fi series to watch with a likeable female protagonist, the strong-willed and beautiful Lafiel. I also enjoyed the sweet Jinto and Lafiel moments.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2015

7.00 (above average) An anime worth checking out for those who seek to see something that has an adult cast of characters as well as something sophisticated to experience in expanding your horizons. Ryuu Sasakura is an outstanding gentleman who is rather wise beyond his years in his interactions with guests and carries a charismatic grace in his character...which are rare traits in leading male anime characters these days. Despite the series carrying an episodic tone to them, the episodes allow you to connect to each of Ryuu's guests depending on whom you relate to the most. I think the drawback for me is that the character animation could've been better though in some areas, some of the episodes felt rather dull like the one with the con-man, and it would've been nice to see some romance though for Ryuu and the main girl. Otherwise it is an alright anime to see.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2017

6.00 (average) My impressions with this series are mixed and couldn't enjoy it very much. Tenzen is just the worst and I hate his character the most, his sins against Oboro and Kagero is one thing yet his stupid immortal no jutsu was the most annoying thing about him. I felt Koshiro was a disappointment in his character development in how he foolishly blamed Gennosuke for causing Oboro's pain and ignorant of the fact that it was all on Tenzen as the cause. On the Kouga side; the one I disliked on that side is Udono; he's a disgusting, crude womanizer, his ability is incredibly cartoonish and belongs in a shounen. I can understand the agony Oboro went through considering she's a gentle person, a pacifist by nature, and what Tenzen put her through. I'm glad she was able to find her resolve in her character development. The worst female character is Ofuku, I loathe her and she has nothing redeeming about her character. I hate the character design of Tokugawa Ieyasu, it's the worst animated depiction of him. The best character in this series for me is definitely Hyoma, he has the best head on his shoulders with his wisdom and level headed nature, plus he's a kind person. In other words, Hyoma's the best husbando material. Gennosuke and Oboro made a beautiful couple and what became of their dreams together is heartbreaking. I'm not interested in watching the sequel, it didn't need one IMO.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2014

8.00 (good) This is definitely a guilty pleasure anime, but some of the things about it are too cliched such as in the first episode with the only thing that awaken Dark Schneider is a virgin's kiss. Also, the anime adaptation is too short and didn't go into Kall-Su's character very much and the conflict he has with Dark Schneider, so I feel that a couple of episodes could've been made for that. I think what made me give the series a better score is the arrival of Arshes Nei, she's such a dynamic character as an individual and the relationship she has with Dark. The animation is pretty good for an early 90's anime and I enjoyed the seiyuu performances, especially Kazuki Yao as Dark and Rei Sakuma as Nei. It was an alright series despite its' flaws and it's a pretty good series if you want to check out anime with a primarily adult cast. Dark Schneider himself is also a great example of what an ecchi male lead should be like, not these god-awful ones seen in shows like Highschool DxD and Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017

7.00 (above average) This was a pretty amazing series, but I think having the first episode of the TV anime would've been better placed as the last. The animation was really amazing at the time and has aged well in my opinion, much better than the animation of the movies. It's disappointing the new TV series is still cast the seiyuu who did the movies, I wished they recast those roles to better VA's by casting seiyuu who would come close to the performances done by the seiyuu of the 1997 anime. I believe Yuuichi Nakamura would've been awesome as Guts, Daisuke Ono or Daisuke Namikawa for Griffith, and Ayako Kawasumi for Casca. Anime production for a reboot should've gone to Madhouse or MAPPA and directed by someone who can do the series justice.

Bikini Warriors

Seen: completely

Last Updated: May 27, 2016

6.00 (average) Don't take this anime way too seriously, it's meant to be a guilty pleasure parody. It's good that what's shown is only a few minutes long and that it's not a harem either with a lame beta-male character tagging along with the girls.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Seen: partially

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2016

7.00 (above average) Seeing all the Senshi together in the beginning of the Stars season was a real treat and how great an ensemble they are with their strong camaraderie, it made me cry at such a beautiful bond the girls have for one another. It made me realize that they are amazing role models for all as they fight in what they believe in most and cherish the relationships they have with those around them. My Top 5 Favorite Senshi include; Mars (Rei), Neptune (Michiru), Uranus (Haruka), Saturn (Hotaru), Venus (Minako). Usagi shows her strength as the series progresses and I love how she evolves as a character. Also, I prefer the charm that was given in the original 90's anime with certain filler episodes peppered in to shine the spotlight on other Senshi, they don't get that in Crystal and I don't really care for Crystal's character designs. The only filler arc I dislike from the original anime is the one that is shown at the beginning of the R season. The antagonists I dislike the most are the siblings from the filler arc in R and Black Lady, I dislike Black Lady because she's just a mere product of brainwashing over something so cliche.

Black Lagoon

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Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017

9.00 (very good) Kick-ass action and gripping story arcs throughout the series that are engaging to watch with a variety of cool outlaw characters, especially in the badass Revy and the hardcore Roberta. My favorite episodes are those with Roberta and the Washimine arc. This series has a great blend of drama and dark comedy. Truly a memorable series one can have fun watching with an excellent cast and voice actors who portrayed the characters.


Seen: partially

Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016

6.00 (average) It's a good series, but quality was sacrificed with unwanted fillers cutting into the war against Aizen and his Arrancar army. Despite Aizen being OP and such; he's so sultry and sexy with seiyuu Shou Hayami in the role whose voice is orgasm inducing, especially hearing that mesmerizing "Kyouka Suigetsu" song of his. Gin was an interesting lieutenant for him before he became Captain of the 3rd Division, not so much with Hinamori...she didn't suit him. An ideal female partner for Aizen in my eyes would be a character with aspects of Lodoss' Pirotess for her charisma, passion, and strength and Rei of Sailor Moon (90's anime version) for her beauty, physique, and witty humor. I loved the music and most of the songs of the series, especially the character ones. I think if the series went on hiatus after Aizen's defeat and Kubo took time off to brainstorm new ideas to continue the series, perhaps it wouldn't have fallen apart as it did. The manga ending was rushed and subpar, the way the big bad was ultimately finished off was stupid. SJ could've allowed Kubo to do some more chapters to give the ending a more satisfying feel. At least it was a little more acceptable than how Ranma ½'s manga ended, although I do prefer IchiRuki more.

Blue Gender

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Last Updated: Jan 12, 2017

8.00 (good) This series is one of many reasons why the 90's produced the finest anime, although this series was made at the turn of the next decade for anime. Blue Gender is every sense of the word a true, adult-oriented anime with the overall setting, situations, and characters. It's a well-crafted series created for a late 90's series and has great detail on character facial expressions when showing his/her emotional state, such as anguish or fear.The only flaw I have to say is that the animation direction could've been more consistent. I loved how the series and the characters developed by the second half of the series, especially for series' leads Yuji Kaido and Marlene Angel in the ups and downs of their relationship together from the moment they met to when they fall in love with each other and eventually consummate their love. It's a shame this series is underrated, it deserves more love, for when it comes to mecha romance...this is one of the better ones as it feels endearing and real.

Blue Seed

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Last Updated: May 28, 2021

8.00 (good) My favorite Yuzo Takada series and loved the pairing of Kusanagi and Momiji, it has a great story and interesting characters, so I truly recommend watching this series. Momiji is a true heroine; selfless, kind, strong, has a sense of humor in her character, she proves to be self-reliant as the series progresses and can stand on her on without always having to rely on her love interest, Kusanagi to protect her as most heroines often do. Momiji's connected story with her twin sister Kaede is one of my favorite parts of Blue Seed and the conflict between them is heartrending. This series is a rare treat for any fan of Japanese lore with the myth of Susanoo and the Kushinada being at the core of the series. I love the music score by Kenji Kawai, one of my favorite anime OST's that he worked on for an anime series plus the OP & ED songs by Takada Band and Megumi Hayashibara (the voice of Momiji). Hayashibara's "Matsuri no Uta" insert song heard in the series finale is so soothing to listen to with its' gentle melody. Fans of Jouji Nakata would enjoy this series as he voices one of his earliest antagonist roles, Murakumo and also has a number of famous and well known seiyuu who also worked on this anime.

Boku no Marie

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017

6.00 (average) This was quite a fun little OVA series and I felt it had a charm to it with the neat set of characters. Yuko Miyamura's performance as the android Marie was quite cute and she was a sweet and quirky character. It has a feel-good nature to it in the adventures of android Marie as she navigates through everyday life. Nobutoshi Canna was quite hilarious as Tanaka and Rica Matsumoto was cool as the sukeban Hibiki. The adaptation needed more episodes to flesh out the story and characters though.

Bubblegum Crisis

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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2014

7.00 (above average) The original OVA is my all-time favorite of the franchise with the engaging stories it had, episodes 1-3 and 7 being my top favorites and I absolutely loved the song soundtrack, truly the best one I've heard. The characters were really awesome and my top five favorites are Priss, Leon, Linna, Reika, and Nene. The only character I really didn't care too much for was Sylvie TBH, I feel her character was a negative point in Priss' character development. It's a shame production problems prevented the planned 13 episodes being halted by the 8th episode. I was disappointed with the ship teasing for Leon and Priss, I wanted them to hook up and become official, but perhaps if the episodes had been continued, I'm sure they would have gotten together. The original language version had a great cast of voices of the finest seiyuu and singers Kinuko Ohmori and Maiko Hashimoto did a great job with their roles, yet the dub is terrible so only watch it in Japanese. Crash was the one part of the franchise I disliked, it felt like badly written fan-fiction stories combined with bad animation quality. AD Police Files was awesome; I loved the mature aspect of it, Jeena was a real badass, and I would've liked more episodes of it to lead to the rise of the Knight Sabers and what happened to Jeena. 2040 was a good series story-wise, but the character personalities are left to be desired and lack the fine qualities their OVA counterparts have, plus the solid bond they had and it felt too volatile. However; I'm glad that Leon and Priss came to be a couple in this series, that Mason had more of a role as an antagonist and was more fleshed out than his OVA counterpart, the animation quality was really good, had a great dub, and the OP song is pretty awesome to listen to.

Bungaku Shoujo

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2016

7.00 (above average) Truly a charming piece of anime with such an endearing heroine in Touko Amano, she truly has a good and gracious heart. I love how she was able to reach out to the troubled Miu Asakura and help her come out of the darkness that had taken over her heart. Touko is a positive presence and I'm happy that Inoue came to fall in love with her, they have a heartwarming chemistry and are a sweet couple. The OVA series was okay, the only episodes I cared about was the ones centered on Touko and Miu. I really didn't care for the one centered on Kotobuki.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2017

7.00 (above average) This was quite an interesting and engaging series, I liked that there were a variety of characters and the voice acting by the seiyuu cast was top notch. The second season was the best, notably because of the arc that plays in the beginning during the days when Osamu Dazai was in the Port Mafia and the story of his friendship with Sakunosuke Oda and the character development the second season has. I wasn't too fond of the OVA episode though, I rather would've had an episode centered on Kyouka Izumi after she became an official member of the Agency or one centered on Ranpo Edogawa, he was a fun character and Hiroshi Kamiya was great in the role. Mamoru Miyano's Osamu was a really amazing character too and how multilayered his personality is when he was being funny or serious. I absolutely love the songs in this series, mainly the ones used for the OP's, the intro animation themselves for the OP songs definitely made an impression on me in how they were made.

Burn Up W

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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2014

8.00 (good) With W, despite the ecchi content, it was properly placed and it didn't distract from the plot which centers around the protagonists charged with special missions in which their enemy is a mysterious criminal mastermind. The girls of the OVA have cool personalities and great character design. For a taste of good classic ecchi anime Burn Up W is a title I would reccommend. It has the best of what ecchi has to offer for those who love ecchi. The TV series sequel to W, eXcess is pretty good, but doesn't have the gripping plot and awesome music of the former and the battle armor for eXcess looks horrible looking, the battle armor of W is better designed. I do like the love story for Maki in the TV series though and considering the end left her story open-ended, I tend to think she and Masato ran off together to start over.

Burn Up!

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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2014

8.00 (good) The original OVA had an intrguing and exciting plot-line, I only wish they had made more episodes for this series, but for a one-shot anime OVA it was one of the best ones I've seen. Reimi is my favorite of the trio of heroines as she has a pretty cool personality and character design. The battle armor designs are really badass too ^__^


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 06, 2011

7.00 (above average) Pretty good action oriented anime series, it reminded me of Black Lagoon in a lot of ways, with the character of Alphard being sort of like Revy. Series has some shoujo-ai overtones with Canaan and Maria, but it was well played and very sweet.

Candy Boy

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017

7.00 (above average) This was a sweet little series centered around the sweet and endearing love between sisters Yukino and Kanade that's beautifully crafted and truly heartwarming. The industry needs to look at this anime to serve as an inspiration to create stories between the love of siblings that's done in a tasteful manner.

Cardcaptor Sakura

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Last Updated: Sep 17, 2017

8.00 (good) Truly a beautifully created series by CLAMP with a fun and engaging story, great characters, nice songs, and excellent voice acting by the seiyuu cast. I like this better than Sailor Moon because I feel Sakura is more of an inspirational heroine with her genuine and kind personality, courage, and is one I can say is a great role model for young girls in how she stays true to herself yet also strives to achieve something more and grow as an individual. The chemistry between Sakura and Shaoran is amazing in their shared character arc in how they grow close to one other is endearing. I get the feels when Shaoran and Sakura share a touching moment together and are a great anime couple. The animation style for the new anime looks great and it's doing everything right by using the same staff and cast of the original. Watching the new OVA was amazing as the seiyuu did amazingly well in voicing their respective character roles after all these years and still sound the same as they did back then. I look forward to Winter 2018 to see all the heartwarming feels of Shaoran and Sakura's relationship as a couple.

Carnival Phantasm

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Last Updated: May 17, 2013

7.00 (above average) Pretty funny parody series of the various Type-Moon works, mostly for Fate/stay night and Tsukihime. It's one of those guilty pleasures you can have fun with and see the characters engaged in comedic situations. I felt bad for poor Lancer all the times he's been offed and being manhandled by Berserker in one episode. That Grail-kun reminded me too much of Madoka's Kyubey, it's scary. I wished they used the Fate/Zero & Kara no Kyoukai characters more rather than just the minor cameos at the end. Seeing how a crossover parody like this could work, it would be nice to see something like this done for Key's works of Kanon, Air, Clannad, and Little Busters!, it would be fun to see crossover parodies done for these series.

Catgirl Nuku Nuku

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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2013

7.00 (above average) Loved the first OVA and DASH was a good series with the alternate storyline with Ryunosuke as a teenager and falling in love with Nuku Nuku and his parents still together. I see Nuku Nuku as one of the pre-moe era moe characters as she does a lot of moe-like things, but by the same token still being a kick-ass cat girl as she fights to protect those closest to her. The TV series was alright, but don't expect much in terms of plot though as it is a comedic slice-of-life series, but in the end you'll understand why Nuku Nuku is a truly endearing cat-girl android, because of her heartfelt humanity and it's a shame she's such an underrated character, because I find she has a more likeable personality than the overrated Chii from Chobits who I find one-dimensional.

Charlotte (Series)

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Last Updated: Sep 11, 2016

4.00 (below average) This series wasn't my cup of tea; the overall plot and the characters didn't appeal to me at all to be honest.


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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2013

4.00 (below average) The weak main character Hideki Motosuwa seems pretty lame, one of the few series that I wish Tomokazu Sugita and Crispin Freeman weren't involved in because they play really good characters overall. Another thing I don't like about the series is the filler episodes of Chii doing moe things like her adventures in going out to buy underwear for herself and the unnecessary re-cap episodes. The romance between Hideki and Chii wasn't my cup of tea, I liked the romance between Shinbo and Shimizu better. Chii has zero personality and I didn't like her very much. Yuzuki was a good character and my favorite of the Persocom's. This is one anime I prefer the supporting characters over the mains.

City Hunter

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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2014

7.00 (above average) Pretty fun series which I enjoyed very much, Ryo Saeba has his moments of his mokkori mania (thinking about sex), but he can be serious and does what he can for his clients who are in need of his asssistance. Kaori, his tsundere assistant does what she can to keep Ryo in line, even if she tends to whack him a lot with that heavy hammer. All in all, City Hunter does well in blending in drama and comedy, but the series is episodic in nature, but it's handled pretty good. Ryo is definitely one of the sexiest male characters of all time in my book.


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Last Updated: Nov 10, 2014

8.00 (good) About Clannad, it's a great anime, but I still prefer Kanon as my #1 Key series. My favorite heroines of this series are Tomoyo, Ryou, Nagisa, Kotomi, and Kyou in that order. Akio is an awesome dad and I love his character. For the alternate world OVA's, my favorite one is definitely Tomoyo's, truly romantic and sweet...I wish KyoAni had adapted her After Story ~It's A Wonderful Life~ too. I wasn't too fond of Kyou's OVA because it focused too much on the love triangle stuff. Although Tomoya x Tomoyo is my fave pairing, I equally love Tomoya with Nagisa too and their daughter is a cutie. Aside from Tomoyo and Nagisa's own relationships with Tomoya, Kotomi's bond with him was sweet. Quite a number of scenes made me cry, mainly in After Story. I don't really understand the stuff going on in ep. 22 of AS that had me scratching my head though, so pretty much AS was enjoyable up until before Ushio fell ill. Fuko-related things after her arc was unnecessary and I feel Tomoyo didn't have enough screentime. I don't like Sunohara's arc, it's not that good and I didn't care too much for his little sister. It was also disappointing they shafted Kappei Hiiragi from the anime, After Story would've been better if they had his story instead of Sunohara's, I love Kappei and Ryou's love story and it was a shame it wasn't a part of the anime.


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Last Updated: Jul 23, 2014

8.00 (good) This series was a pretty awesome anime and Clare was an amazing heroine with great vocal work by her seiyuu, Houko Kuwashima. The only thing I didn't like was Clare's companion Raki, he would've been less annoying if he were a female character I guess, but it would've added a cool shoujo-ai element to the series. Although many hate Priscilla for what she did to Clare's first companion Teresa, that event is essential to the plot of the story in Clare's conflict with Priscilla. It's a shame that there isn't a second season to this anime, it would be nice to see that happen. It's certainly much better than shitty harem ecchi anime the industry continues to shove down our throats.

Cosmos Pink Shock

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Last Updated: Apr 07, 2013

7.00 (above average) A pretty funny and random one-shot OVA series with a capricious heroine in Mitsuko, she and Gatsupi would make a cute couple. Cosmos Pink Shock is definitely one of those 80's guilty pleasure anime one-shots, so if you're looking for a random anime to make you laugh with its' quirky appeal, this anime is one of them.

Cowboy Bebop

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Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014

10.00 (excellent) I loved this particular series by Sunrise, a perfect blend of an awesome story, great cast, Yoko Kanno's music, and compelling characters make this series a wonderful masterpiece. The main characters drive the story through their relationships with one another and how their personal lives become intertwined. It is sad when some people dislike this series because of it not having a serialized plot and calling it overrated because of superficial and biased reasons. Cowboy Bebop is a series that is soulful and shows what is means to be human, it will be a series I will always love.

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