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Mobile Suit Gundam F 91

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2017

10.00 (excellent) My favorite motion picture of the Gundam franchise, I enjoyed this so much better than CCA as I felt F91 had the more compelling story and an interesting cast of new characters such as the leads Seabook Arno and Cecily Fairchild. I like how Seabook didn't get the Gundam right off the bat like other Gundam protagonists that came before did, only when he matured enough to take on the responsibility in being a Gundam pilot entails that it was bestowed to him and Cecily is such a strong, independent, and mature young woman considering the family issues she goes through, Cecily doesn't let it weigh her down and is courageous to strive for her own personal freedom and fight for her beliefs. I feel that Tomino did great in developing Seabook and Cecily as individuals and as a couple. I fell in love with Hiroko Moriguchi's song "Eternal Wind" for the movie, it's truly a beautiful and powerful ballad. F91 deserved a lot more than it got, it certainly had more to offer than 0083 and Victory ever did.


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2011

10.00 (excellent) Pretty good series with an interesting blend of sci-fi mecha action, intrigue, and a Heian-era backstory telling the connection between Yushiro and Miharu.

Five Star Stories

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2010

10.00 (excellent) A masterpiece series penned by Mamoru Nagano, a favorite manga-ka of mine. I enjoy the epic scale of the series and wished there was more of it done in anime format.

Top o Nerae! Gunbuster

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2014

10.00 (excellent) I truly loved this OVA series, it provided a good story, character development, and an encouraging message that anything can be achieved through will power and effort. Noriko Takaya is my favorite character of this series as she goes through an incredible transformation throughout the six episodes as she develops as a character. Her onee-sama, Kazumi Amano is also a fine character herself as she goes through changes herself throughout the anime. Both Noriko and Kazumi define what great anime characters are. Jung Freud is also a fun character too and really hot, she's among my sexiest red-heads in anime. Coach Ota is one example of the greatness of old-school Norio Wakamoto with his performance. I also love the performances of Noriko Hidaka, Rei Sakuma, and Maria Kawamura in their character roles and these three fine female seiyuu are among my favorites, they need more roles IMHO. Gainax and all the people who created Gunbuster truly made a masterpiece and it is definitely a series that is a must-see.

Mamotte Shugogetten

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Dec 27, 2015

10.00 (excellent) Really cute series that I adore very much with a sweet romance story between the sweet and lovely Shaorin Shugogetten and her master, Tasuke Shichiri. It's so sad this series is underrated and underappreciated, for I find it more charming than the likes of Ah! My Goddess. I have a soft spot for Mariko Kouda voicing magical girlfriend-type characters for I love her voice, so sweet and heartwarming like the leading lady she voices in this series and Daisuke Sakaguchi is so endearing as the male lead and I love how the series sets up their romance and how he only has eyes for her and not any other character that is interested in him; like Ruuan and Kaori. Tasuke and Shaorin still remain among my top favorite anime couples of all time as they are good to each other and love one another dearly (and only each other). I wish this series was licensed because I would love to own this series on DVD and have another anime series made to get more Shao goodness. If I were a guy, Shao alongside Kanon's Nayuki Minase would be my waifus. I recommend this series to anyone who loves romance anime and anime featuring a cute and endearing female lead. Happy that Sakurano is doing a manga sequel, hopefully a new anime series will be made and reunite Kouda and Sakaguchi as Shao and Tasuke and that the original TV anime and OVA series get licensed too.

Cowboy Bebop

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2014

10.00 (excellent) I loved this particular series by Sunrise, a perfect blend of an awesome story, great cast, Yoko Kanno's music, and compelling characters make this series a wonderful masterpiece. The main characters drive the story through their relationships with one another and how their personal lives become intertwined. It is sad when some people dislike this series because of it not having a serialized plot and calling it overrated because of superficial and biased reasons. Cowboy Bebop is a series that is soulful and shows what is means to be human, it will be a series I will always love.


Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2014

10.00 (excellent) My favorite of the Key series and I also feel that this is the best of Key's works by far (the 2006 KyoAni version + the original VN), with its' broad and various character types, masterful storytelling, and how it challenges the characters to deal with the hardships of life; such as rejection, problems within family relationships, tragic and life threatening accidents, etc..., and how they overcome those obstacles. I wish Key had continued making stories centered on the Kanon characters in their own After Story...such as meeting Yuuichi's parents, Yuuichi and those he cares for experiencing life as adults, and the like. Nayuki is my favorite girl of the series because she is the one I relate to the most and she's a total sweetheart. I equally love the primary heroine Ayu too, she's a cutie and quite quirky, and the friendship she and Nayuki share is adorable. Mai and Sayuri are characters I'm fond of too and what they share as friends is very endearing. Makoto is quite a vivacious character and her lively nature is entertaining to see, a shame what befalls her though later into her arc. With Shiori, she is a good character, but all I can see her in regards to a relationship with Yuuichi is like siblings. Nayuki, Mai, or Ayu are my top choices for Yuuichi's romantic prospects. I love that the KyoAni version cast Tomokazu Sugita as Yuuichi, he's an amazing seiyuu and Mariko Kouda's Nayuki was so moe. Akiko is my favorite Key mom, she has a lot of great qualities that I admire about her...even though she has that mysterious bad jam she's ingredients are one of the fun mysteries of anime. All in all, Kanon 2006 is an anime I highly recommend.

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 22, 2016

10.00 (excellent) An excellent piece of Universal Century Gundam fare, the writing for this series is far much better than anything Yoshiyuki Tomino did and overall Unicorn is the best chapter of the UC saga with a far better protagonist and story. Mineva was really cool as a heroine and I loved her character development she had in growing into a fine lady like Relena Peacecraft of Wing and Queen Dianna and Kihel Heim of Turn A. Marida Cruz is also a great character and as far as cyber-newtypes go, she is by far the best one in terms of character development. The animation is top notch and the music score as well. Both Harutoshi Fukui and Kazuhiro Furuhashi did an excellent job in crafting this series and I praise their work as head writer and director respectively. On another note with the TV edit, this is something that should not have been greenlit...Sunrise needs to give fans what they want most...Crossbone Gundam.

Perfect Blue

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2014

10.00 (excellent) My favorite of Satoshi Kon's films that I've seen, I enjoyed the psychological elements of the film and it really made me think on some parts as to figure out what was going on, so I watched it plenty of times to understand it. Seiyuu Junko Iwao really did an excellent job as the role of the lead, Mima Kirigoe and I wish she sang for the character too though.

Iczer One (Series)

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2013

10.00 (excellent) The first Iczer series was the best with its' mature storyline and plot with a great heroine in the lovely Iczer-One and I liked how Nagisa Kanou developed as the reluctant heroine of the series and I love how she found someone to fight for in the little girl Sayoko. Iczer-Two is one amazing character herself and she was quite the badass. I loved the vocal performances of the original seiyuu and anything that has the great Kaneto Shiozawa is pure gold. The music and the songs of the series are just one piece of the pie that made this anime so enjoyable with the 80's vibe it has. I believe this series has aged well with the impressive character designs by the fantastic Toshihiro Hirano, who is one of my all-time favorite manga-ka's.

Rose of Versailles

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Dec 31, 2013

10.00 (excellent) Rose of Versailles is a truly beautiful masterpiece of a late 70's-early 80's anime, the series details the life of Oscar Fancois de' Jarjeyes, a girl raised as a man by her father who was only given daughters, so he raises his youngest as a male and as his heir. Oscar truly represents what a strong heroine is, noble and passionate in all her endeavors, and truly is a great role model. It also tells the story of the tragic Marie Antoinette, as she starts off as an innocent young girl, but once she steps foot on Versailles, her life is changed forever, and ends up as a sympathetic character despite her faults. The series is full of romance and intrigue as it leads up to the fateful French Revolution. The series has a similar feel to Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and I highly reccommend Rose of Versailles to anyone.

Record of Lodoss War

Seen: completely; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Mar 23, 2013

10.00 (excellent) The OVA series made for this was an epic masterpiece, from the great OP & ED songs, the characters, the artwork, the story, and the whole package. This is by far the best fantasy anime ever made, if it had been made to an actual anime series, Langrisser would've been a great choice to accompany Lodoss. The choice of VA's was a fantastic choice as well, from legends like Akira Kamiya and Shuuichi Ikeda to the wonderfully talented Yumi Touma whom was a fledgling seiyuu at that time, was a great choice to portray the role of Deedlit. I'm disappointed the TV series didn't use the OVA seiyuu for the characters, so I'll probably not watch it, I'm sure it won't have the same impact the OVA did. The Legend of Crystania series centered on Pirotess could've had better animation, it looks bad. So my score is based only around the OVA.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016

10.00 (excellent) This was by far the best movie by Hayao Miyazaki I've watched. I definitely believe it's much better than Princess Mononoke as I feel the story is much more engaging with it's unique world, amazing cast of characters, themes, and mythos. Nausicaa is such a fantastic heroine and she has many great qualities that make one invested in her character. The animation is amazing and the high definition remastering of the movie shows how well the film has aged. The voice work is excellent with such amazing seiyuu like Sumi Shimamoto and Yoshiko Sakakibara in the cast as both Nausicaa and Kushana respectively.

Turn A Gundam

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Mar 08, 2014

9.00 (very good) The old saying "three times the charm" applies to Turn A for me as now in my third attempt to see this series is giving me a new appreciation that I never had before, especially from the encouragement I was given from a friend. This series, like Gundam X is sorely underrated and under appreciated, Turn A has a fine trio of female lead characters that I find far better than those terrible SEED female leads and even the Gundam lead, Loran is far more endearing than overrated characters like SEED's Kira and Athrun. Dianna Soreil and Kihel Heim are my favorites of the series and their story is truly amazing. Harry Ord is the best Char-clone and to be honest, I like him better than Char because of his great charisma and taste in women, his romance with Kihel was beautiful to see. It's hard to believe that this series never was popular in Japan with Tomino directing what I feel is his best Gundam work, much better than even the original trilogy of 0079, Zeta, and ZZ; also having the music done by Yoko Kanno. I do admit though the DVD cover designs could've been better looking with Yoshihito Hishinuma's designs though, then I guess it could've sold better. All-in-all, alongside Wing, Turn A is a TV Gundam series I truly enjoyed.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2018

9.00 (very good) My personal favorite AU Gundam series of with political intrigue, intense battles, interesting and diverse characters and their philosophies. I also liked how it showed the psychology of the characters in how the war affects each one of them, as the principal characters grew up while the Earth military and the Colonies were in conflict with one other. The Gundam pilots, Relena, and those who support them strive to achieve peace and fight tooth and nail for it in whatever way they can. The characters are ever changing and neither are the same person they were from the start of the series as the war progresses. Wing has a great cast of female characters, I loved it when Dorothy makes her appearance and gets into engaging conversations with Relena. My favorite ship is definitely Zechs and Noin, I love their moments together and that they have such a strong and trusting bond. Treize is one of the most charismatic anime characters ever made and he certainly makes the series enjoyable to watch. Endless Waltz was an excellent way to end the Wing series with a solid story and great character progression, especially for Heero and Relena.This series is my first Gundam show I've watched and I love it still very much after seeing the others. When I see horrible comments made about Wing by haters, it does irritate me and shows their lack of understanding of one of the most complex Gundam shows ever made.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016

9.00 (very good) Another favorite series of mine that I put amongst my top 10 favorites of all time, NGE Is a compelling series complete with human drama and moments that would make anyone laugh (especially PenPen related stuff, the look on his face after eating Misato's instant cooking was classic), the Eva battles were a sight to behold, and a great cast of seiyuu voicing the characters. It has a pretty good dub as well. NGE is a classic piece of an anime masterpiece. The Rebuilds to me is a disaster; especially with all the OOC moments, the story being all over the place becoming a nonsensical mess, and developing it into something that is facepalm-worthy. I dislike what they did with Asuka and Misato's characters in the Rebuilds and how it severely reduced the roles of Toji, Kensuke, and Hikari...they're great supporting characters. So, I am reflecting my score on the original series and the EoE only...for the Rebuilds are a disappointment to me.

Magic Knight Rayearth

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2012

9.00 (very good) A beautifully done series by CLAMP that will draw emotions from you through the Magic Knight's quest in Cephiro and what they go through.

Kiddy Grade

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2013

9.00 (very good) I enjoyed this Gonzo series and the story of Eclair and Lumiere in their journey to upkeep justice in the galaxy, facing ghosts of the past, finding redemption, and coming to terms of who they are. Amazing plot and great characters drive the story.

Ayashi no Ceres

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2015

9.00 (very good) Beautifully done series and my favorite Yuu Watase series. I loved the beautiful opening song sung by Junko Iwao, a favorite seiyuu of mine.

Ai no Kusabi

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 30, 2013

9.00 (very good) Three words...HOT-YAOI-ACTION!!! In all seriousness, the only anime adaptation I acknowledge is the original 1992 OVA with Toshihiko Seki and Kaneto Shiozawa as the leads, the two brought passion into the characters of Iason and Riki. The original should've been the one that was licensed, not the remake. The animation of the original still holds up well even by today's standards, IMHO.

Key the Metal Idol

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2014

9.00 (very good) I totally loved this series as I enjoyed watching the journey of the mysterious Key in her quest to become "human". The song soundtrack was pretty amazing and the background music.

Outlaw Star

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jun 08, 2014

9.00 (very good) A great, action and adventure packed series and an enjoyable watch. Alongside Cowboy Bebop and Gasaraki, all three Sunrise produced series premiered in the year 1998 and it was a great year for anime. The animation is splendid with beautifully designed characters and a great soundtrack with songs sung by Masahiko Arimacni and Akino Arai. The series is also the debut of seiyuu Ayako Kawasumi with her lead role as Melfina.

Sakura Taisen

Seen: completely; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2010

9.00 (very good) I love the Sakura Wars franchise very much with the TV series and motion picture being my favorites, but I didn't care too much for the second OVA, felt like filler episodes to me, and wished they kept up with production of the TV series for at least 3 more seasons, with each season covering the events of games 2-4 and so forth. Great cast of seiyuu and the songs were memorable and the best kind of musical anime out there.


Seen: completely; Own: partially;

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2014

9.00 (very good) Although the first SDF Macross is a landmark achievement in anime, it suffers from inconsistent animation direction. The DYRL retelling is much better overall with the fantastic animation quality and brilliant climax. I think Minmay's character development was better in the series, while Hikaru's was better in DYRL. I hope that this particular chapter in the Macross saga gets a remake, it certainly deserves it. With Macross II, I definitely think it's much better than Macross 7, I found the characters and story much more enjoyable in II, and I feel II doesn't deserve to be looked down upon so poorly. II has fantastic animation for an early 90's anime and it is a series that I recommend. Plus is amazing and very much one of finest anime series ever made, it would've been nice though if it had a bit more character development for the three leads, so there could've been a better understanding of what shaped them. The dub is worth the watch for any fan of Bryan Cranston, even if there are a handful of mediocre dub performances, Cranston is awesome as Isamu and much better than the original Japanese dub performer.

Black Lagoon

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2017

9.00 (very good) Kick-ass action and gripping story arcs throughout the series that are engaging to watch with a variety of cool outlaw characters, especially in the badass Revy and the hardcore Roberta. My favorite episodes are those with Roberta and the Washimine arc. This series has a great blend of drama and dark comedy. Truly a memorable series one can have fun watching with an excellent cast and voice actors who portrayed the characters.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015

9.00 (very good) This series is truly amazing in so many ways; from the setting in which the story takes place to the numerous cast of well-written characters. What's so awesome about this series is that it goes into several philosophies and how each of them differ that really get you thinking in how relevant in today's world politics. My favorite faction was definitely the Galactic Empire under Reinhard von Lohengramm's rule, he was a man that had a great vision and there was that alluring aspect in his character that made me feel if I was a part of that environment, I would definitely would want be on his side. As much as I loved Reinhard, the Free Planet Alliance's Julian Minci is definitely the most developed character and he is a great leader in his own right when he matures into manhood. It has the finest cast of seiyuu that I've heard in an anime yet with so many great talents voicing the characters, you'd have to watch the series to hear them all. The only disappointment I have is that one great character left the galactic stage too soon and he was such a beloved character to me that I cried over his death when he made the ultimate sacrifice...his death left more of an impact on me than the one who was killed off later on. Otherwise, this is a series I highly recommend to those who desire to see a glorious anime, however if you decide to see it don't watch the next episode preview, they tend to be too much like spoilers.

Please Save My Earth

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 19, 2010

9.00 (very good) A beautiful and romantic series that made me fall in love with it, wished that they continued on with the anime though.

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2016

9.00 (very good) With this SEED-Related series, I could connect to the characters and I felt that this series and its' characters along with the Astray series and characters are far more deserving of an actual series.

Kimagure Orange Road

Seen: completely; Own: partially;

Last Updated: May 07, 2014

9.00 (very good) A great series that is filled with many emotions such as joy and laughter to sadness and anxiety. The main characters Kyosuke, Madoka, and Hikaru drive the story as their love triangle is carried through junior high to the cusp of adulthood. Things get emotional when the time comes when Kyosuke must choose one of his love interests. Kimagure Orange Road is a wonderful coming of age anime as the characters grow and deveop from youths to adults.

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2011

9.00 (very good) My first Makoto Shinkai film I've watched, his style of filmaking is quite interesting with a compelling story. The Place Promised in Our Early Days is a great film depicting a wonderful world filled with mystery and romance. I'll definitely check out more of Shinkai's other works from liking this truly beautiful movie.

Mardock Scramble

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2015

9.00 (very good) I am quite amazed with this dark anime film trilogy, the visuals are amazing and Megumi Hayashibara amazed me with her portrayal of the lead character, Rune Balot. It was truly a great role for her anime career. So I was truly impressed with Hayashibara and no other could've played the role as exquisitely as she did. It's a shame such a great seiyuu like her isn't doing more anime and it's a waste of her vast talent to be reduced to mainly doing Pokemon as far as TV anime is concerned. Other than that, this was an impressive anime from the story, action, characters, and the voice acting. I especially enjoyed J-actor, Norito Yashima's performance as Oeufcoque and the dynamic of his character's relationship to Balot is truly beautiful. I also loved the cerebral aspects of gambling it showed. If you haven't seen this spectacular anime film trilogy, I highly recommend doing so.

Shion no Ou

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2018

9.00 (very good) This was truly an enjoyable and engaging anime to watch; the principal characters were well thought out and developed and the mystery surrounding who killed Shion's biological parents kept me guessing as much as it did the characters who were investigating the case. The series has amazing plot twists, my favorite one being centered around the Hani brothers and the relationship between Shion and Ayumi was especially a favorite element in this anime as well. Shion is an inspirational female lead as despite what she has gone through; she has a tremendous inner strength, never gives up/gives in, and believes in herself...her journey has endeared me to her as my favorite character of the series. Seiyuu performances were excellent, each did well with their respective characters and the OP & ED songs were amazing as well. It baffles me why this well-made series has not been licensed yet, I feel it should be and it's a shame it's so underrated.

Space Runaway Ideon

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Feb 18, 2012

9.00 (very good) I see this series as being one of Tomino's best works, because usually whatever he does tends to disappoint me in some respect, but with Ideon he did a fantastic job with this series, especially with the serious nature of the story of how everyone of the protagonists from kids to adults ends up fighting in the war with the Buff Clan. Ideon is one of those series that had blown me away literally, especially by the Be Invoked film finale that sums up what it means to be shocked out of your mind. The only problem I had is one of the pivotal characters shown in the series is killed off too soon, she could've been around throughout the rest of the series to the finale, she was an excellent character with a lot of potential.

Devilman Lady

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Feb 17, 2012

9.00 (very good) I truly loved this anime, the story of Jun Fudou and how she deals with her demons is what intrigued me the most and her struggle with herself as a human being and as a beast. I truly reccommend this series for fans of horror and psychological anime. Junko Iwao was excellent as the lead, Jun and I loved her performance.

Spice and Wolf

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2018

9.00 (very good) I love this series and understand why this it's so beloved by many, Lawrence and Holo are amazing characters and their relationship is beautiful, heartwarming, and sweet. Their chemistry is outstanding and they compliment each other so well. I like how they're mature characters and that they respect one another, yet like to tease one another from time to time which is all in good fun. Jun Fukuyama and Ami Koshimizu are really great together in their roles as the character leads and I like when they work together in an anime. The story arcs are very enjoyable with the different people that Lawrence and Holo meet on their journey. I agree with those who want a 3rd season of this series made and want it too.

Akito the Exiled

Seen: completely; Own: completely;

Last Updated: Apr 02, 2018

9.00 (very good) I really loved this spinoff movie series from the Code Geass universe, it has a truly engaging story and interesting characters. I am more invested in the characters in this series than those in the original show because I feel that there is strong bond the leads Akito and Leila have with those they're close to and with each other as a couple.The character development was fantastic among the majority of the principal characters of the series. I felt that Akito's older brother Shin was a well-written antagonist and had depth to his character; though outwardly he showed a cruel and unhinged persona, inside he had feelings for those he cared for like Jean; the girl who loved him. This series also has a theme of its' own outside of the original and I enjoy the aesthetic of series set in Europe. The grand scale of the project was impressive with the direction by Escaflowne's Kazuki Akane, music by RahXephon's Ichiko Hashimoto, the all-star cast of great seiyuu performances, the beautiful movie quality animation, and overall being truly enjoyable and entertaining to watch.


Seen: completely

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014

9.00 (very good) This series is pure awesomeness, from the gripping story to the various characters makes Fate/Zero one hell of a great anime. My favorite heroine in this series is definitely Irisviel von Einzbern, she is truly beautiful and sweet in every way plus she has many layers to her character. The relationship between her and Saber is quite endearing and what she shares with Kiritsugu as his wife is truly amazing. The characters are truly well crafted and I like a majority of the characters (except for that old serpent, Zouken...he's the worst), each has their own unique personality to each their own and philosophy. The best developed character in Zero is Waver Velvet in through his relationship with Rider and how his servant inspired him to achieve great things, also the two are the best Master/Servant pair because of how well they work together. Rin is so cute and I love the episode centered on her, with how it showed that she was courageous even as a little girl. This series is truly deserving of its' popularity and I'm so fond of this series, the best of TYPE-MOON's series they've made. However the only disappointment is the lack of interaction between Kiritsugu and Kirei, I would've liked it if they had more encounters with each other. Overall, I like Zero more than stay night...the story is more engaging in Zero, although Heavens Feel is the best companion piece to Zero.


Seen: partially

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018

9.00 (very good) I enjoyed the Elf-ban Kakyuusei OVA, it was beautifully made and the story was really good. I liked how it developed the relationship that grew between Mizuho and Tohru, they had amazing chemistry and they make a truly lovely couple. Elf and Pink Pineapple sure knew how to make great VN's and anime adaptations, when it comes to the romance element I think Elf does it best and the Elf-ban Kakyuusei OVA is proof of that.

Ninja Scroll

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2013

9.00 (very good) I'm only recognizing the 1993 movie, I'll pretend the TV series doesn't exist...the movie was an excellent work; from the story, animation, music, and etc..., both the sub and dub were well acted and the choices in character voices were finely chosen, especially Emi Shinohara and Wendee Lee as Kagero's voice in Japanese and English respectively. This is one anime I recommend to everyone who wants to see a good action anime with an edgy plot, however please note that there is a sex scene and a scene of attempted rape, yet is more like a graphic sexual assault. Also, the violence is quite graphic as well as it plays out early on in the movie and continues throughout the film. Overall, this is the finest of Yoshiaki Kawajiri's anime movie projects.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Seen: completely

Last Updated: May 31, 2014

9.00 (very good) I personally liked this better than the original series, not because of the updated art or anything; but how the story was structured with the different plot twists, the protagonists Susumu and Yuki are much better as characters in their development and how they are throughout the series, and the inclusion of more females into the series...I especially liked Kaoru Niimi's character. Although it was painstaking with the time they took in releasing it, I suppose it was worth it considering the hard work the creative staff did with series. I hope one day the Macross TV series will get the same treatment, for that's another older series in need of an updated reboot.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2021

9.00 (very good) This is a truly amazing series, I love this series and definitely ranks highly for me as a top favorite in the Fate-verse alongside Apocrypha, Heaven's Feel, and Zero. What sets this series apart is that it goes more into the intrigue at Clock Tower and the Mage's Association as well as the lore of the franchise. I always liked Waver Velvet with his development in Zero, as he became Lord El Melloi II and an instructor at the Clock Tower - what incredible character growth! It's also heartwarming to see him reminisce about Iskandar. It's so amazing to see characters seen in previous Fate series like Luviagelita Edelfelt and Sisigou Kairi. The music by Yuki Kajiura is beautiful and like with Zero and Heaven's Feel, in this series she composed and delivers another masterful score. ASCA's "Hibari" is a beautiful and enchanting song, I'm glad she was chosen to do another song for a Fate-verse anime and ASCA has a beautiful voice. Becoming familiar with the source material to understand the anime is recommended. I want another season of this series, there's so many great adventures and mysteries!

Tokimeki Memorial

Seen: completely

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2015

9.00 (very good) A shame that the Tokimeki Memorial series is so underrated, especially the one that stars Shiori Fujisaki whom I feel is such an endearing character, although she may be an overachiever to some and lacking in-perfections that are often sought out to make a character feel more balanced, but I feel Shiori is a character who shows that she is a fine young lady in her mannerisms and a genuine girl. Mami Kingetsu really shined as Shiori and I love the songs she sings for the series as her character. It's sad that the only anime adaptation it got was that two-episode OVA. Tokimeki Memorial has a fine set of heroines that each are special and have a quality about them that is worth admiring that anyone can be inspired by.

Millennium Actress

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2015

9.00 (very good) Such a brilliant movie I believe anime fans should see, it tells an incredible coming of age story of the heroine Chiyoko Fujiwara in her life as a young girl to an elderly woman who fell in love with a wandering artist on the run because of his anti-government views during pre-WWII Japan when she was a teenager who gave her a memento of their time together, a key that becomes Chiyoko's priceless possession and she undertakes a decades long journey to find her beloved through her years as an actress. I love all the cinematic elements that were used in the making of this movie with chronicling Chiyoko's journey through various eras in Japanese history. It is truly a touching tribute to the golden age of Japanese films and it has become a top favorite anime movie for me and I would find this an inspirational movie for anyone to see to always follow your heart and never give up your dreams whatever they may be. This stands alongside Perfect Blue as a favored work by Satoshi Kon.

Tales of Zestiria

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Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018

9.00 (very good) An amazing and great concept for the "Tales of" metaseries, to me I feel that this is the best one with the engaging story and the world-building it creates with the connection it shares with the newest series, Berseria. I'm truly am impressed with this series much more than Symphonia. The friendship and brotherhood shared between Sorey and Mikleo is endearing in how strong their camaraderie is and it's quite inspirational. Alisha is quite well rounded heroine with her character strengths and flaws, such as having her ideals challenged when confronted and how she responds to them. Edna's story is heartrending concerning her older brother, Eizen who's a prominent character in the Berseria series and his eventual fate. Rose is the standout character in S2 with her arc. Velvet Crowe of Berseria is quite the badass and I like her character. FLOW's OP "Kaze no Uta" is awesome and the animation sequence is beautifully made. Overall, this was an epic anime series with a fantastic story and interesting characters with how each develop as the series progressed. Zestiria and Berseria are my most favorite Tales of series of all time and I hope Berseria gets an anime series too.


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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017

9.00 (very good) This was such a beautiful little series in how it tells a heartfelt story between it's only two primary characters, the warm and welcoming little robot girl Yumemi Hoshino and the jaded Kuzuya in how they're brought together and what develops between them. Although they're polar opposites, a heartwarming bond grows and Yumemi's genuine and kind nature endears her "okyaku-sama" (customer) as he comes to care for her in his time shared with Yumemi. In the realm of platonic relationships in anime, theirs is one I love the most. The Hoshi no Hito movie is a better telling of the story as it completes the life journey of Kuzuya (Junker) as it tells his story as an elderly man (the Hoshi no Hito "Stargazer") and gives hope and inspiration to the three young children who rescued him on his travels the same way Yumemi had for him when he was a young man. It does retell the ONA series within the movie in two sections, I would wait after a long period has passed after viewing the ONA before watching the movie. Planetarian is truly an inspirational anime, it is a series I recommend and one of Key's best works.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

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Last Updated: Mar 06, 2018

9.00 (very good) Amazing series, truly the kind of anime the industry needs more of with adult characters as the leads. It's such a charming and fun series to watch and has an interesting cast of characters, the chemistry Kikuhiko has with Sukeroku and Miyokichi in the good times is truly heartwarming and the bonds Kikuhiko has with each of them is a treat to see. Akira Ishida, Megumi Hayashibara, Kouichi Yamadera, and Tomokazu Seki are impressive and shine in their respective character roles. Miyokichi is a very much like a heroine from a Kenji Mizoguchi movie in how she is portrayed as a fallen woman; to understand her character I feel one needs to watch films like Sisters of the Gion and Street of Shame to get a feel of the society that Miyokichi is a part of and how difficult life was for women in her situation. This is also a very sad anime and the last third of the 1st season is heartbreaking in how the tragedy of Kikuhiko/Miyokichi/Sukeroku's story comes to pass. S2 was just as touching with the story of Yakumo in the twilight of his years and his life with his blended family. There was great character development with Yakumo, Yotaro, and Konatsu in S2 and overall this anime is a must-see as it takes you on a journey through the generations of rakugo masters from past to present in the story. This is quality anime at its' best and one you can enjoy with your family. How this amazing anime hasn't been licensed yet is beyond me, it deserves to be as its' a shelf worthy title to own.


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9.00 (very good) It's an epic series alongside Fate/Zero with a great cast of characters and engaging story. This is my personal best Fate spinoff and I like Apocrypha more than the original Fate anime and UBW. Apocrypha has fantastic battles between Servants in how visceral they are, a fantastic score by Masaru Yokoyama, the pacing of the story, and surprising plot twists. I love the first ED "D├ęsir" by GARNiDELiA, however LiSA's "ASH" and newcomer ASCA's "KOE" has surpassed it as my favorite songs. Sieg is courageous, strong in will and in heart, sweet-natured, and has clear goals that he sets out to accomplish without hesitation, and has great character development. Astolfo is just so adorable, courageous, fun, and full of life. I'm so happy that he got free of that awful Master he had and with a kind Master in Sieg. Mordred is truly a hardcore badass, she is an amazing character and the Master/Servant bond she has with Shishigou was solid. I love the relationships shared between the pairings of Shirou x Semiramis and Sieg x Ruler, both of these couples have great chemistry and are beautiful together. Seeing Waver Velvet/Lord El Melloi II is a treat and hope they make a movie about his story set in the Apocrypha universe.

Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

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Last Updated: Jan 11, 2018

9.00 (very good) This was a heartfelt movie of the bond shared between the mother Hana and her children Ame and Yuki, Hana truly works hard to provide and nurture her little ones and love them with all her heart. She is an inspirational character as she never gave up despite the hardships she had to endure. This movie also did a great job in promoting the aspects of caring for nature and the environment in a dignified manner. I liked the development between Ame and Yuki as they grew up. The end is bittersweet and tugs at your heartstrings. This is my first movie I watched of Mamoru Hosoda and he is an amazing filmmaker in my first impressions of his work.


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9.00 (very good) Watched the OVA's covering the first Doukyuusei series and it was good, Misa Tanaka is best girl and the most interesting, I liked her chemistry with Wataru best. Mai Sakuragi was a pretty great character too and liked her character arc. I like Doukyuusei 2, it's really well animated and heroine Yui Narusawa is a cutie. It's great to see Misa from the original series appear in the sequel. In my opinion, the 1st Doukyuusei has the best female cast and scenario. I think the voice acting of the characters were better voiced in the Sega Saturn release of the VN; it would've been nice if there had been a 12 episode remake using the seiyuu who voiced the roles for the game and had given the adult characters more of a role, like the school teacher Yoshiko Serizawa. The Doukyuusei VN's were groundbreaking for its' time and both are timeless classics with how it was the origin and likely inspiration for adult dating sim VN's that came after, the variety of character types for their female cast of characters, story content, and character arcs. Doukyuusei proves that Elf made memorable VN's alongside its' sister series Kakyuusei.

Sentou Yousei Yukikaze

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Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018

9.00 (very good) Yukikaze is a truly fantastic anime; I loved the setting, atmosphere, and the bond between the character leads Rei and James. The voice work by Masato Sakai and Jouji Nakata was perfect and both did great work voicing their respective character role. I truly recommend this series who love hard sci-fi and mature anime featuring a primary cast of adult characters.

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