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Minayuri's After War Gundam X Tv Review

After War Gundam X

Rated: 10

The presentation of this anime was wonderful, despite the 39 episodes that it only has. As far as how it presents itself, sure there are elements borrowed form the Universal Century as other AU Gundam series tend to do, Gundam X does a decent job in making the series its' own, especially with the backdrop of the series not being around a major war, as the series revolves in the second part of the story of both sides rebuilding their military and the uneasy air of the two sides starting up another conflict with Garrod, Jamil, Tiffa, and their allies in the middle of it.

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Minayuri's Bubblegum Crisis Ova Review

Bubblegum Crisis

Rated: 10

BGC and ADP Files was a great anime experience for me, both are great classic anime titles to enjoy. The DVD's that were released are filled with bonuses, such as music videos and a video special inculded in the second disc of the BGC collection of the voice actresses of the Knight Sabers and Vision(voiced by the talented Maiko Hashimoto, famous for Vision's songs Say Yes! and Never The End), the video special was also fun to watch and see the voice actresses act in character. The BGC universe can be best described as a mix of Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Streets of Fire; three films that inspired the creation of BGC .

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Minayuri's Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Tv Review

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny

Rated: 7

Not much extras on the DVD's of GSD though(not like the amount of extras they put in the DVD's of Code Geass, and I like DVD extras). The storyline wasn't very good anymore after Stellar's death and Athrun's second-time defection from ZAFT, as well as Shinn's development into the the troubled new protagonist to Kira and Athrun's antagonist. It was wrong to take Athrun away from Shinn asit seemed to me that Athrun was the only one who could keep Shinn in line, whereas Lunamaria and Rey don't do much to keep Shinn's ego in check as much as Athrun did. Athrun was a good balance for Shinn's character as Athrun was like a mature big brother.

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Minayuri's Infinite Ryvius Tv Review

Infinite Ryvius

Rated: 8

Overall it's a great series with a compelling story, a rainbow of characters, and the DVD's are a worthy buy as it has a collection of extras that include the Ryvius Illusion chibi shorts as well as Audio Drama's. The story was well planned out in it's 26 episode run. Although the character animation lacks in certain areas and could've used a better animation director. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with this series and never left a dull moment for me . Favorite characters of mine of the series are Aoi , Yuli, Yuki, and Blue.

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Minayuri's Blue Seed Tv Review

Blue Seed

Rated: 10

Overall I enjoyed the series, well made into a 26-episode series that wasn't too short or too long, the characters were likeable, even the villianous Murakumo that doesn't come off as annoying, and made a very believable villain and Momiji comes off as an admirable heroine. The Omake Theatre exras were also an added bonus, with some being funny, or touching(like Kome's Omake episode about her childhood), or random and shocking like the one with Momiji and Kaede's grandmother. So, I reccommend Blue Seed to anyone.

The series is out on DVD in a box set format with the TV series as well as the follow-up OVA sequel, with the OVA dubbed in 2003 with new dub actors replacing Jason and Amanda Winn Lee as Kusanagi and Momiji, which I found disappointing.

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